DEPARTMENT OF LAW BUSINESS that provides support services to vulnerable groups of people in Greek society, such as the elderly, people with disabilities, immigrants, foreign investors who need special care and attention, primarily for their own development and better service, and secondary for the holistic anthropocentric profile of Greek society.

Offered services

  • Pensions and insurance issues

  • Uninsured elderly benefits, Disability welfare, Subsidies - Grants

  • Unemployment cards

  • Immigration law - Issuance of every type of residence permit - Application for Greek citizenship

  • Foreign Investors - Golden Visa

Case Study

2018. I set up and coordinated a network of services on behalf of the mother of a minor with 100% disability, due to an extremely rare disease. I chose three maxillofacial diagnostic centers and I sent information about both the history of the child, the psychological state of the parents after the series of failed attempts, the need for immediate surgery of the minor and the need to take the panoramic. I also got as much information as I could get from books and the internet about disease and the ways of managing and immobilizing such cases. One of the selected center confirmed that could guarantee more than 50% possibility of performing the panoramic scan. With this center, we also organized the arrival time, the parking, the reception and the effort was crowned with 100% success, contributing to the happiness and peace of the parents, to the success of the surgery, to strengthening the reputation of the pediatric clinic for the organizing skills and its human face, while I contributed to the creation of a successful precedent in the specialized field of providing services to children with disabilities even at a rate of 100%. At the same time the clientele of the dental service company increased (the mother has three other children).