Offered services

  • Establishment of companies of every legal form

  • Merger - acquisition - transformation aggreements

  • Transferring of companies

  • Loan, donation agreements

  • Proclamation of Securities as invalid

  • Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

  • Consensual divorces

  • Civil Partnership Agreements

  • Folder drafting and processing for the participation in private and public competitions

Case Study

HELEXPO 2019. Honored country: India. I helped an Indian businessman, totally stranger to me, because I overheard his communication with the customs authorities of the Greek Airport and I understood that he could not pick up the products he was waiting for from India for the Exhibition he was participating. I took action. I contacted customs agents in both Athens and Thessaloniki, I contacted the customs authorities of the Airport. I went there myself. I followed the quoted procedure and faced a number of additional challenges: temporary “failure” of the national system, inability to pay by credit, inability to pay through a bank account due to valer. I organized a taxi company to pick up money from the Indian businessman and bring it to the customs, I persuaded the person in charge to return to her post, exceeding her working hours, I asked for a handwritten permission parcel delivery, since the national customs system of all airports had temporary “failed”. I ensured the businessman ‘s participation at the Exhibition and the fulfillment of the purpose of his presence in Helexpo, I enabled him to communicate and find solutions in customs’ processes in a country and market unknown to him, I secured his cashflow and income coming out of his participation, I reduced his loss by 100%.