As a mediator, I have a duty of neutrality, both personally and institutionally. This basically means that I act without preference for resolving the dispute in a specific way. I am the neutral third who helps those who have a difference to better understand their situation, to understand each other and then to develop mutually acceptable solutions for them.

I am the neutral third party committed to promoting the autonomy of the parties, the guide, the navigator who encourages, facilitates, manages and develops the system of orientation of the dialogue and the resolution process.

Persuasion and not Coercion

I urge participants to look closely at each other's interests and to consider a number of possible consensus alternatives.


I urge participants to show respect for democratic decision-making.


I protect the participants from defeat.


I introduce the participants to the formulation of their own solutions through persuasion and not coercion.


I navigate the creation of new channels of interaction and dispute resolution.

Offered services

  • Civil and commercial disputes of national or cross-border character

  • Accredited mediator for civil, commercial, family cases and more from the Ministry of Justice (Ν4640/2019). Mandatory initial mediation session

    • Family disputes,
    • Disputes over 30000€
    • Disputes for which a written agreement between the parties is required and a mediation clause is in force

Case Study

2015. I contributed to the sale and purchase of a vessel, owned by a Canadian shipping company, to a Greek company I represented. The cancellation of the deal was pending. The parties were relentlessly negotiating in a climate of discomfort and caution against the financial terms already agreed upon few months ago. I took the initiative and spoke to the owner of the vessel. Paying attention to the sensitivity and connection he felt for his ship, I gained his attention by using the vessel’s diminutive – namely the one that only he was using to name the vessel and particularly at the moments when he was addressing to his trusted advisor and director of his company. After I got his attention, it was easy to describe to him the importance to our company of this purchase and the jobs we plan to use his vessel. His attitude was changed instantly. Mutual concessions were made and the sale was concluded that same night. The purchase of this vessel indeed increased the reputation of our company, helped us to penetrate into "jobs" that we had not had access to until then and brought increased fares, as this vessel added value and trust to each and every of its charters.