Gradually acquired - eleven (17) years -  experience as an in house lawyer for a residential construction company. 


Private legal advisor for individuals ( buyers – sellers ).

Offered services

  • Real Estate Transfers, donations, parental benefits

  • Real estate titles audit

  • Cadastral documents corrections

  • Real estate leases: Urban - Commercial

  • Hotel units purchase and sale contracts

Case Study

2019. I strategically organized the elimination of mortgages, the lifting of pre-notations, I cooperated with the respective departments of the Tax Office and Public Service appointed by a Germany resident who had overdue real estate payments pending. I relieved them from the debt wheeling out the statute of limitations, having – at the same time - one of their properties sold. All that was achieved within the quoted predetermined deadlines. When the prospective buyer, who knew that the seller was trapped in Thessaloniki, without money for two weeks, viciously postponed once more the signing of the contract, I announced to the broker that I would find another buyer within 24 hours. The property was sold and transferred to a different buyer within the following 48 hours. The commercial property was an opportunity, it was sold 40% below its objective value, I had already contributed to its lease for 3 years, so that it had an a return of 8%. 100% success in achieving the customer’s goal. Their financial survival was insured 100%.